Wednesday, December 22, 2010

you think you know the ins and outs? - Think again

According to some recent studies, figures depicted that an extreme amount of money is made through online marketing - this includes ebooks, softwares, coupons, online tickets, music etc. People are lured by the money some big players make through advertising and tend to fall under wrong impression that its easy to advertise a product and millions from it. Hence the title of this post : Do you understand every concept of online product selling and business?

One of the few tactics involved in advertising is article marketing. If i break down the term article marketing into simple terms it might sound like - building a product, writing an article on the product explaining its features, composition, affects etc. and then publishing that article to various directories and blogs where people (who are interested in the product - also known as targetted traffic) might read them and purchase your product or your service. Although i have broken the term article marketing into simple terms, don't get the impression that it is as easy as it sounds.

Infact, article marketing is one of the most difficult techniques in online marketing. One has to be cautious of so many things : writing unique articles and not doing any activities like article spinning (using a software called article spinner), giving a brief introduction on the major features of your service or product, not cursing / saying negative things about a competitor product and make sure that your articles convert well (conversion means when people browse or read your article they tend to click your affiliate link or sales link and purchase your product).

Many of you might be wondering what is article spinning or article spinner : Well article spinning is the art of changing the lyrics without meaning (replacing words of an original word by its synonym, thus avoiding any duplicate penalty but retaining the original meaning and purpose of the article) and a software which allows you to do this is called an article spinner.